Why You Need to Try Audible (sign up for a FREE trial!)

//Why You Need to Try Audible (sign up for a FREE trial!)

Why You Need to Try Audible (sign up for a FREE trial!)

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Like many avid readers and aspiring authors, I’m swimming in a pile of books to be read. I can’t go to the library and only check out one book. I have to get at least 5 (and that’s on a “good” day) ;). My To Be Read list is constantly growing. It seems like every book I hear about I want to add to my list.

Some people can read several books at the same time and keep the plots and characters separate. I am not that way. I don’t like reading a new book until I’ve finished the one I’m currently reading. This makes it hard to get through my TBR list because I only have so much time to sit down and read a book. As a wife and stay-at-home mommy, time to spend turning the pages of a book are limited.

But I recently found a solution!

Why You Need to Try Audible (sign up for a FREE trial!)

Why You Need to Try Audible www.getwritingdone.com

My Journey with a Free Audible Trial

With my FREE Audible trial, the first book I got was, Uncommon Type, Tom Hanks’s collection of short stories.  I was stoked to listen because it was narrated by Tom Hanks himself. However, it wasn’t really my type of book.

I was easily able to exchange it for John Green’s Turtles All the Way Down. That was a good choice, and I absolutely recommend his book if you haven’t read it yet.

When I finished that one, I listened to My Lady Jane, which honestly was more like an audio performance than just a book. The narration was fantastic. So if you are looking for your first book to try an audible, that’s easily my first recommendation.

I finished the trial listening to Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. Another clear winner. Gretchen narrates her own book and does a fantastic job giving her personal experience a personal feel as she herself tells you all about how she increased her happiness.

Most importantly, thanks to Audible, I’ve discovered that I can have one book to listen to and one book to read without getting confused. As long as I don’t read one book while listening to another! 😉 This also worked really well because I could “read” while I did laundry, ran errands, or cleaned the kitchen. It’s a huge game changer in tackling my massive TBR list.

I also listened to it while on a run!

I never felt like the quality of the sound was lacking. It was super easy to return a book I didn’t want to keep. I did cancel the trial, but that was in large to see what would happen. I was offered several discounts to stay with Audible, but even though I completely cancelled, true to Amazon’s word I was able to keep the books that I had used my free credit to purchase. Months after cancelling, I still have access to the books I spent my credit on. Which is great because I’m still working my way through The Happiness Project.

Will, I buy audible again once I’ve finished The Happiness Project? Let’s talk about the pros and cons of audible.

Pros of Audible:

  • At first I thought the books were over-priced and I’d never spend more than my free credit. But I soon realized that part of audible is paying for the experience. And in some cases that might be worth it. Audible gives you the ability to not have to make time to sit and read.  You can listen in the car or on a run. While grocery shopping. It’s also a neat experience to hear the book narrated. Many narrators really bring the story to life. There are also many books narrated by their authors. Listening to a book through Audible is definitely an experience you can’t get just reading the book.
  • If you aren’t sure you want to purchase a book, you can listen to a sample. I definitely recommend doing this to make sure you are going to get the most out of your experience. It’s a great to be able to hear the narrator’s voice. There were a few books that interested me, but the narrators voice wasn’t working for me.
  • The audible app worked great with other apps on my phone. I was able to listen while making dinner, and I could still pull up Pinterest to look at a recipe. I also received an email while listening to Audible and the book paused when my phone pinged. When Audible resumed it had backtracked a bit so I didn’t forget where I was in the story.
  • Easy returns. I really appreciated how easy it was to return a book. It was nice to be able to return a book I started but wasn’t actually enjoying. But it was super awesome to be able to finish a whole book and return it for another one. Since you always have access to the books you keep, it is nice that you can listen to an entire book and still return it if it isn’t one you want to keep.
  • Even if you only do a free trial or cancel you get to keep your books. It’s so nice to still have access to the books I spent my credit on, even though I no longer have audible.

Cons of Audible:

  • Audible’s website is not entirely user friendly. I wished I could search books by price, and that isn’t an option. Sometimes it was hard to know how much a book would cost until right before purchase. Their home page is full of book covers and if you hover it gives you a rating and book synopsis. I would read these and get super interested in a book only to find out it was one of their more expensive ones. I wish the price was available before Amazon got me too excited about the book.
  • Some books seem rather expensive. I don’t know how they price their books. Some of them seem a fair price while others seem really expensive. It’s not like physical, print books that require paper and ink to make a new copy. Once it is made, it can be shared with an unlimited number without increasing production costs. Yet, some of the books were just too expensive in my opinion.
  • Podcasts are really popular, and if you need to listen to something to help you pass the time, there are tons of podcasts that are ALWAYS free.

I’m trying to get caught up on all of my podcasts, so I probably won’t renew my Audible membership just yet. However, as much as I love my podcasts, they aren’t a replacement for helping me get through my TBR list. Once I get caught up on my podcasts, I will seriously consider being an audible member again. I LOVED my free trial. I listened to three AWESOME audiobooks entirely for FREE. And I can’t complain about that. And I still have access to The Happiness Project. So I can finish it at my own pace. The trial is totally worth it, so sign up! If the pros outweigh the cons, keep with it. If they don’t, cancel the trial and no harm done.

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