The Best Way to Inspire Yourself to Learn More

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The Best Way to Inspire Yourself to Learn More

As a human, and especially as a writer, the idea of learning more is fascinating and exciting. I personally feel like I want to learn a little of everything because I never know what will make for a good story. I believe that the more I know, the better a writer I can be.

However, when it actually comes time to sit and learn, it can feel boring and tedious. Or even worse, difficult and not possible. I often feel bogged down when trying to learn something new. My brain can only hold so much information, right?

Do you ever tell yourself that you can’t learn something? Or that you don’t know enough and you never will?

Today I want to empower you with the belief that you know so much, and I want to inspire and encourage you to learn more!

The Best Way to Inspire Yourself to Learn More

The Best Way to Inspire Yourself to Learn More www.getwritingdone.com

I one attended a college seminar where the speaker told us that we knew more than we thought we did, but that we were capable of knowing more. And that’s something that has always stuck with me.

You Know More than You Think

How often do we take time to appreciate what we already know? If we are constantly dwelling on all that we still have to learn, we may feel stupid or unqualified. But if we look at everything we have already learned, we can feel a sense of accomplishment. Especially when we dwell on things that were once difficult to understand.

So focus on the information and skills that you do have. I don’t care if you got a college degree or you are a high school drop-out. I’m not just talking about your level of education. Just by existing, you have accumulated a wealth of knowledge.

If it helps, make a list of your strongest skill-sets. Don’t ever forget about your talents and your strengths.

You Are Capable of Knowing More

When I was a kid, I would hunt and peck at the keyboard. I didn’t know how to type properly. My mom bought me a computer game that was supposed to teach you to type with proper hand placement. I HATED it. I thought it was so hard and it slowed me down. But now, I type the way I learned to and am so much faster than if I was still hunting and pecking.

If I learned how to type, who’s to say I can’t learn how to write a novel? Something that used to be extremely difficult is now almost second nature. So be sure to remind yourself that you are capable of learning what you don’t already know.

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What is something that you are proud to know? What do you want to learn next?

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