Write Your Way

Write Your Way is a 6 chapter ebook with over 60 pages, designed to help writers create intentional writing lives. This ebook and it’s included worksheets will teach you how to create a sustainable writing life that works for you. Every writer has their own journey to success, and this book will help you find yours.

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StoryNotes is a writer’s notebook with pre-made templates that will easily keep your most important notes and ideas organized. The templates print four to a page making a book small enough to carry with you wherever you go. Never miss an inspiring idea with this portable, easy to organize writer’s notebook.

Three separate bundles with different categories make this writer’s notebook affordable for all budgets and adjustable to your needs as a writer.

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Editing Services

First Page Critique: Wondering how your story opening works? Whether you are ready to start querying or just want some peace of mind before you keep writing or send your story off to beta readers, a first page critique can help you know you are on the right track.

1,000 Word Critique: If you are on a tight budget, only want a short scene looked at, or want to get a feel for working with an editor before you invest a larger sum, the 1,000 word critique is the perfect way to get trained eyes on your writing without spending a fortune.

During any stage of the writing process, it can be helpful and encouraging to have a trained editor look at your writing. I promise to offer honest, constructive feedback at an affordable price.

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Mini Consultation

If you want an educated, thought out answer to a particular writing question, this consultation is for you. Ask me a question about topics such as motivation, story development, or the writing process.

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