8 Podcasts Perfect to Help You Improve Your Writing

//8 Podcasts Perfect to Help You Improve Your Writing

8 Podcasts Perfect to Help You Improve Your Writing

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Do you enjoy listening to podcasts?

Sometimes, I like absolute silence as I concentrate on a task. But more often than not I prefer to have something to listen to. Especially if I’m folding laundry or washing dishes. If I have something to listen to, it makes the task more enjoyable. Sometimes, I even find myself looking forward to it,  because I know it means I get to listen to something I enjoy.

Podcasts are the perfect thing. And today I’m going to share with you 8 podcasts that I absolutely love.

Podcasts are also a great way to improve yourself as a writer when you don’t actually have time to write.

8 Podcasts Perfect to Help You Improve Your Writing

8 Podcasts to Help You Improve Your Writing

The Creative Penn Podcast

Length: 60-75 minutes

Joanna Penn is a leading expert on all things self-publishing. She has been podcasting for over 10 years. Although some of Joanna’s information is beyond what I’m ready for, each episode of her podcast is chock-full of current information on self-publication and motivation for all writers.

She opens each podcast with an update on her writing and personal achievements. Then she talks about big news in indie publishing. Her information is always current, up to date, and often she has information about impending changes or advances to the industry.

The rest of the podcast is spent interviewing someone from the indie industry. Each podcast is informative, motivational, and well worth the time invested in listening.

The Copywriter Club Podcast

Length: 45-50 minutes

If you are a copywriter, this podcast could be your new best friend. Each week they interview a copywriter or online entrepreneur and discuss the ins and outs of how this person found success. The interviewee shares their journey to success and offers helpful tips and advice.

Even if you are not a copywriter, there is an applicable message for all writers in each episode. Making sure the style of your writing is appropriate for your audience, how to make your writing attract readers, etc. All writing shares common ground, and learning about any type of writing can help your own writing. Whether or not you are a copywriter, this podcast can be a good resource to help you learn more about writing and to help you improve your own writing.

Writers on Writing Podcast

Length: 50-55 minutes

This podcast originates as a radio segment. Authors are interviewed to talk about their novels or short stories. Literary agents or editors are interviewed to offer insight and advice.

Each podcast typically interviews two people. Sometimes they are interviewed simultaneously, but usually the podcast is broken into two separate halves. The podcast also has different hosts, but each is engaging and asks the interviewee insightful, informative questions.

As authors discuss their published works, listeners learn about the writing process, the ups and downs, and what may or may not work for them. During the discussion the interviewee offers advice and motivation.

Writing Excuses Podcast

Length: 15-20 minutes

The hosts of this podcast spend each episode discussing a relevant and exciting topic related to all things writing. One week might feature a discussion about subplot, or story length, or what an editor looks for.

Because there are several hosts, the podcast offers a wide range of experience and opinions on each given topic. Each host offers valuable information, and they often discuss different perspectives. Writing can be abstract with no right or wrong, so hearing each hosts perspective on the same topic is very insightful.

Each episode is short, which makes it perfect for a busy schedule. Although short, each podcast leaves the listener entertained, motivated, and well informed.

Write Now Podcast

Length: 25-35 minutes

Sarah Werner alternates between a podcast in which she interviews someone literary and a podcast where she discusses a topic or concern that may inhibit writers from writing. She is an energetic, motivating, and enthusiastic host. At the end of her podcast, you can’t help but want to go write.

When she interviews someone in the publishing industry, her questions are thought provoking and the conversation meaningful and informative. The interviewees share experiences and advice that is always beneficial to the listener.

When Sarah discusses a topic, she is casual and friendly but informative. She discusses topics from quitting your job to write full time, excuses verses reasons why you aren’t writing, positive self-talk, and even SEO. Her gentle but animated voice leaves you feeling like she really understands why writing is hard, and she wants to help you personally overcome what is keeping you back.

Well-Storied Podcast

Length: 10-15 minutes

Kristen Kieffer from Well-Storied turns her blog posts into audio for easy listening on-the-go. These quick podcasts are perfect for a busy schedule. Although short, they are informative and the information presented is easy to understand. Kristen is pleasant to listen to and her podcast is a great way to get information that will improve your writing.

She covers useful topics about the craft of writing, and gives lots of examples to support her information. Her writing tips are easy to apply and her podcast will definitely help you become a better writer!

What Should I Read Next

Length: 30-60 minutes

Episodes ranges in length, but each one is packed with book recommendations and wonderful discussion about how to find your next read. Anne Bogel interviews different people and helps them find books they will enjoy.

Sometimes she interviews people who don’t read very much. Other times she interviews librarians or avid readers. As she gets into why she recommends a book, it is a great way to decide if it’s a book you would also enjoy.

She asks her interviewees what they’ve read recently, a book they dislike, and a book they like. From this, she is able to recommend

BONUS: Harry Potter and the Sacred Text Podcast

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then this is about to be your new favorite podcast. Each week the hosts discuss a chapter of Harry Potter under a different lens or theme. They might look at the chapter and focus on generosity, or jealousy, or family.

Each episode of the podcast offers insight to the chapter in regard to the chosen topic. It provides a new and deeper way of looking at Harry Potter. The hosts analyze the chapter and make stunning discoveries and connections.

Each episode also includes looking at a portion of the text with a sacred practice such as Lectio Divina or florilegia. Also, each episode features a voicemail from a listener that offers their own insight to a previous episode. Each episode concludes with the hosts blessing a character from the particular chapter that was discussed.

I listen to all my podcasts on my phone using the Podcast Addict app, but I know most (if not all) are also found on iTunes or Spotify. What podcasts do you enjoy listening too?

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  1. Kristen July 31, 2018 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    Shelby, thank you for including The Well-Storied Podcast on this list, especially among so many other great listens. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

    • Shelby August 1, 2018 at 9:58 am - Reply

      It’s such a good podcast. Some podcasts are so looong. I don’t always have much time to invest. I love how much information you pack into a few minutes. Definitely a value! No fluff!

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