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How To Make The Most Of The Online Writing Community

Today we have a guest post from Kristen Kieffer! Kristen Kieffer is an author of fantasy fiction and creative writing resources. At Well-Storied.com, she helps writers craft sensational novels and build their best writing lives by providing tools, resources, and opportunities to connect. She currently hosts two thriving online writing communities—the Your Write Dream Facebook group and the #StorySocial Twitter chat—and she’d love to invite you to get involved.

Writing is often a solitary venture, but you don’t have to live your writing life alone. 

Connecting with fellow writers has never been easier than it is in this modern digital age. The online writing community spreads far and wide, and getting involved is both easy and incredibly beneficial. Connecting with fellow writers can help you weather the highs and lows in your writing journey, reminding you that you’re not alone in your struggles or in celebrating your successes.

The online writing community is also a great place to learn more about the craft and develop your skills and stories. You can ask questions, learn from other writers’ processes, meet potential beta readers and critique partners, and build professional connections you can draw upon when querying, publishing, and marketing your work. But perhaps most beneficial of all, connecting with fellow writers online can lead to lifelong writing friendships. When you’re riding the rollercoaster that is the writing life, no one will understand and support you in your journey like a fellow writer—and better yet, a friend.

How To Make The Most Of The Online Writing Community

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Are you ready to make the most of the online writing community? Here are four simple tips to guide you as you get involved:

1) Choose the right social media platform for you.

Online writing communities exist on nearly every social media platform, from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, and beyond. When getting involved, build a presence on the platform(s) you most enjoy. It’s far better to build deeper connections on just one platform you love using than to spread yourself thin between them all.

Twitter is a great platform for easy chatter, while the conversations on Reddit and in Facebook writing groups tend to dive a bit deeper. Instagram is the perfect platform for writers who love visual content, while Youtube is a great option if you’re interested in building a following that also presents opportunities to collaborate with fellow writers. 

2) Share your writing journey.

To connect in the online writing community, you have to give your fellow writers something to connect with. This is where sharing your writing journey comes into play. Start a Youtube channel and vlog about your writing life. Post on popular writing sub-reddits such as /r/ShutUpAndWrite or /r/WriterMotivation. Join thriving Facebook writers’ groups such as Your Write Dream, which I host for the Well-Storied community, or tag your tweets and Instagram shots with popular writing hashtags, such as #amwriting or #writingcommunity. 

Don’t be afraid to put yourself (and your writing life) out there. Talk about your projects, your writing process, your daily progress, your creative accomplishments and frustrations, your questions about the craft, your writerly hopes and dreams… whatever strikes your fancy. 

3) Engage with fellow writers.

All those posts you’re now sharing about your writing life? Other writers are sharing their own. And in the online writing community, you get what you give. Take the initiative to connect with other writers. Ask questions about their projects and process. Provide insights in response to any questions they may have that you can answer. Cheer them on when they share their progress, and offer to provide feedback if they’re looking for help. The more you support fellow writers in their journeys, the more they will support you in return. 

4) Participate in writing events.

Ready to level up your participation in the writing community? Online writing events provide to perfect opportunity to meet new writers, deepen your current relationships, and share your work with the world. 

Each platform hosts unique events. Reddit AMA’s (Ask Me Anything’s) provide writers with the opportunity to connect with their favorite authors in real time. On Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, you can host or participate in a livestream. On Twitter, you can take part in timed writing sprints and hour-long writing chats such as #StorySocial, which I host every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern. The writing communities on most platforms also host giveaways, writing challenges, and fun opportunities to share snippets from your work. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these opportunities when they present themselves. 

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See how easy it is to get involved in the online writing community? 

Over the past five years, I’ve connected with hundreds of writers on social media. I’ve expanded my understanding of the craft, built friendships with writers who champion my work, and found the support and encouragement I need to push through a dozen rough patches in my writing life. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t chosen to plunge into the online writing community headfirst, but I do know I wouldn’t be thriving in my writing life as I am now. If you’d love to do the same, don’t hesitate to get involved. The online writing community is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

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