Behind the Scenes: What My Writing Routine Looks Like

//Behind the Scenes: What My Writing Routine Looks Like

Behind the Scenes: What My Writing Routine Looks Like

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Every writer has a writing routine. Whether it’s a conscious string of rituals or something you hardly ever think about, I bet there are certain things you always do to help you write.

But do we sometimes think our routine needs to be more than it is? Do we learn about other famous writers and think our routines need to be more like theirs?

Do we let chasing the perfect routine keep us from writing at all?

Today I’m going to share with you my writing routine. What it looks like on a good day, and what it looks like on a bad day.

It’s probably not that different than yours.

Behind the Scenes: What My Writing Routine Looks Like

Behind the Scenes: What My Writing Routine Looks Like

What My Writing Routine Is

Let’s start with my ideal routine. I wake up, eat breakfast, run, and shower before I’m ready to write. Once I’m at my desk, I like it to be nice and clean. I always have a full water bottle with ice-cold water.

At my best, I try to read for a few minutes before I start writing. It warms me up and gets me excited to write. Currently, I’m only writing for 15-20 minutes a day. It’s all I have time for, but I feel like it’s a sweet spot. It’s enough time to get something done, but not long enough for me to realize how much work my writing needs. I end a writing session feeling accomplished and ready to write the next day.

Now, the ideal doesn’t always happen. A more realistic routine is me waking up exhausted and too tired to exercise. I eat breakfast, shower if my littles don’t need me, and wait until nap time before I can truly begin writing. I usually forget to read before I write, and I often don’t want to waist my time cleaning my desk. I am pretty good about having my water bottle, but sometimes I don’t want to get up and fill it.

What My Writing Routine Is Not

Ideally, it’s distraction free. I’ve told myself many times that I won’t open the internet and I’ll put my phone on vibrate. But that rarely happens. If I get a text, I’ll pause to answer it. If I need to do research I often find myself on Facebook. Although I prefer to write without distractions, I’m very prone to becoming distracted.

I don’t like listening to music while I write. I’ve tried it a couple of times, and It’s been interesting. Its’ something I always think about trying and my most recent attempt was the most successful. But since it isn’t something I can’t write without, I don’t bother. I don’t have to be a writer that writes with music.

I have a few decorations that offer inspiration, but I don’t have anything that I absolutely must have to write with. There are things that help and make it easier, but my writing space is pretty simple. I do have an easier time writing at a desk while sitting in a chair, as opposed to writing in bed or on a couch. My desk at home is my favorite place to write, but writing is more important than a perfect routine. So I try really hard not to let my writing routine get in the way of actually writing.

What My Writing Routine Has Taught Me

From creating a writing routine and being willing to try new things, I’ve learned a bit about the advantages and disadvantages of a writing routine.


  • A consistent routine can help you write consistently.
  • A routine makes your writing sessions more effective.
  • Having a writing routine can increase your motivation to write.


  • A writing routine takes time to establish.
  • Not writing if you can’t follow your routine can be a problem.
  • It can be hard not to compare your routine to others.

A routine is a great thing to have. When you can follow it, you are bound to have a successful writing session. When you can’t writing is still better than not writing at all. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect writing routine. And don’t compare your routine to others. Everybody is different, and writing routines might be where writers vary the most!

What is something unique to your writing routine?

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  1. Abby August 19, 2018 at 4:15 am - Reply

    Hi there! I very much appreciate your realistic view of routines. While I tend to work better with routine, it’s not always possible. And the hit about comparing routines? I’ve actuall read a book about the routines of famous creatives (well half of it anyway). While interesting, it wasn’t helpful😊. Thanks for sharing your view.

    • Shelby August 20, 2018 at 3:21 pm - Reply

      Abby, thank you for your comment! It is so damaging to expect your writing routine to be like someone else’s! I know it can be hard to keep up a writing routine, but hopefully you can keep writing with or without a routine! Best of luck. 🙂

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