Mini Consultation2020-06-20T21:02:50-07:00

Writing doesn’t have to be a solitary journey. I’m here to help!

Have a question about writing? Or staying motivated? There are plenty of people willing to answer your questions. A Facebook group or Google search will give you information.

But if you’d like a researched, thought-out answer, I can help. As someone who has editing experience and has been involved in the writing community for years, you can trust me to craft a worthy response to your question.

If for any reason I feel unqualified to answer your question I will immediately issue a refund.

Want your writing question answered? With this consultation, not only can you expect a thorough response, but I will include one additional email if necessary. I tend to dedicate 20 minutes of my time in responding to consultation questions.

When applicable, I will link to additional resources that support my opinion or offer another opinion I want you to be aware of.

Examples of Consultation Questions:

  • What will help me start writing?
  • How can I increase my motivation to write?
  • Can you help me create a writing routine?
  • Is it important to write every day?
  • How can I write when I have other time-consuming obligations?
  • How much do I need to know before I start writing?
  • What books on writing should I read?
  • How much do I really need to know about my character?
  • How can I improve the [specific aspect] my writing?
  • Is it important to hire beta readers?
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