March Into Writing: 31 Challenges to Improve Your Writing Routine

//March Into Writing: 31 Challenges to Improve Your Writing Routine

March Into Writing: 31 Challenges to Improve Your Writing Routine

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March Madness is fast approaching!

And while I am a fan of most sports, March Madness has always been more than a basketball tournament. During high school, I had teachers that would make March a special month with silly competitions and challenges.  I love using the hype of March Madness to fuel other aspects of my life.

Like writing.

So I’ve put together a little March Madness challenge, March Into Writing. The main focus is different challenges to help you discover your perfect writing routine. I think a writing routine is an essential part of writing successfully and consistently. So let’s help you find a writing routine that is just right for you!

I’ll be participating on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #MarchIntoWriting. I would be tickled pink if you would join me, and share with your writing buddies.

March Into Writing: 31 Challenges to Improve Your Writing Routine

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1. Write with Pen and Paper

Put the computer away and try writing with pen and paper.

2. Read Before You Write

Read your favorite book or a book about writing.

3. Write with Music

Create a playlist and write to your favorite tunes.
Listen to an episode of the Write Now podcast to see what type of music is best.

4. Write without Music

Put the boom box (or iTunes or Spotify) away and let your thoughts be your soundtrack.

5. Stop Mid-Sentence

Don’t finish that sentence. Stopping mid-sentence will give you a starting point tomorrow.

6. Finish a Scene

Finish that sentence and end your writing for the day with a finished scene.

7. Write with an Outline

Outline a scene or conversation before you begin writing.

8. Write Like a Pantser

Put that outline away! See where your character takes the story.

9. Write in Public

Get out of the house! Write at your favorite coffee shop or the library.

10. Set a Word Count Goal

Write until you’ve reached a predetermined number of words.

11. Set a Time Limit

Sit down and write for 5 minutes, an hour, or 3 hours and 18 minutes.

12. Exercise Before You Write

You can run a marathon if you want, but jumping jacks or push-ups are good too.

13. Write without Your Inner Editor

Put that inner editor away and let those hands fly.

14. Get Ready for the Day

Take a shower, do your hair. Write once you’ve gotten ready for the day.

15. Write in Your Pajamas

Throw caution to the wind, let your hair down, and write in your coziest pair of pjs.

16. Take Breaks While You Write

Every 30 minutes take a 5 minute break.

17. Write without Breaks

Plow through and write for at least an hour straight.

18. Talk instead of Write

Speak your words and have it immediately turned to text or later transcribed.
Dragon software is used by many writers who enjoy dictating their writing.

19. Write with a Candle

Write with your favorite scented candle, a Glade Sense, or brownies in the oven. 😉

20. Plan a Vision for Your Writing Session

Decide to focus on dialogue, character development, or a word count.

21. Write without the Internet

Keep that browser closed. If you need to research something, write it on a sticky note for later.

22. Write with the Internet

Let yourself research as you write, but try and stay off of Facebook!

23. Write with a Snack

While you write, eat some veggies and hummus, nuts or seeds, apples and cheese, or chocolate.

24. Meditate before you Write

Have a quiet moment, say a prayer, or repeat your writer’s mantra before you begin writing.

25. Start with a Word Sprint

Set a timer for 10 minutes and see how many words you can write. On your mark, get set, go!

26. Do a Writing Prompt

Warm up with a brain dump or a writing prompt.

27. Write Outside

Find a picnic table, a sunny patch of grass, or a sturdy tree limb and write outside.


28. Write Linearly

Follow the progression of your story from start to finish.

29. Write by Scene

Jump around and write a scene near the end, towards the beginning, or somewhere in the middle.

30. Clean your Writing Space

Tidy those action figures, file your index cards or sticky notes, and write in a clean distraction-free zone.

31. Your Choice

Mix and Match. Write outside in your pajamas, write with music in public (use headphones please), or meditate with a delicious scent from a candle.

I take Sundays off, but if you like to write every day you can use the Bonus challenges to carry you through the month.

But I hope this list of writing challenges can keep you mixing and matching well past March or whenever you find this challenge. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. A writing routine is one of the biggest parts of writing success. It’s a great way to ensure productive writing. Writing routines can help you write more in less time. And, I truly believe, they can make that writing good, quality writing. Therefore, writing routines help you cut down on revision. This challenge is supposed to be a fun way to get you writing every day and exploring different ways to write creatively. Let it inspire you and take your writing routine to new heights!

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