July 2019 Writing Report

//July 2019 Writing Report

July 2019 Writing Report

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It seems like every month I have something new to learn about improving as a writer or about how awesome being a writer truly is. This month I was definitely reminded about how awesome it is to be a writer. One of my favorite things about being a writer is connecting with other writers. And that has been the theme of July. I’ve been more active in Facebook groups, on Twitter’s writing community and I’m starting to form my tribe.

How do you participate in the writing community?

July 2019 Writing Report

July 2019 Writing Report

Summary of My Month

This month, had some good and bad like any month. I did better tracking my writing and was able to write almost every day this month. My word counts were low, but I am busy revising. Overall I feel like I’m finding ways to spend more time writing or participating in other important writing activities. It’s been really awesome to be more engaged in the writing community. I’m really pleased with how this month has gone and look forward to the progress I will continue to make.


There were a couple of days other obligations took priority and I just wasn’t able to write. I’m also struggling through revision and some days it seems like progress is slow. Or I find more to rewrite and fix than I am able to fix and improve. Some days felt like I was making backward progress. I knew it was for the greater good of the story, but it can be hard to practically delete an entire scene and rewrite it.


Mostly, I’m happy with how many days I did write. There were a few that  I didn’t, but I always felt like I had a good reason and it was a conscious choice I was intentionally making. I also enjoyed participating more in Facebook groups and in a weekly Twitter chat for writers. It’s called Story Social and I absolutely love the connections I make with other writers and the insights everyone has to share.

Yet, perhaps the most  exciting part of my month was recognizing that I’m ready to share my writing. It’s still in a rough draft state, but I realized I could really benefit from some feedback. So, I reached out to a good friend and fellow writer and she agreed to be my critique partner. I’ve done other critique groups and they always fizzle out, but I feel like this is going to be better.

Thoughts and Goals

I’m excited to start working with my critique partner. I think it will really help me stay on track with my goals and get the feedback  I need to make my revision process a bit easier. I’ve also taken a moment to readjust my goals for the second half of the year. My original plan had been to have something worth pitching by the end of the year. However, that is not going to happen. So my new goal is to revise a chapter or two a week and have a draft ready for beta readers by the end of the year.

What will you achieve this month?

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