Why You Need to Experiment with Your Writing Routine

//Why You Need to Experiment with Your Writing Routine

Why You Need to Experiment with Your Writing Routine

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So you have a writing routine, but is it the best it can be?

If you have a writing routine that once worked wonders but now seems a bit lack-luster, it may be time to experiment with your writing routine.

A writing routine is a fickle friend that grows and changes just as much as you do.

Why You Need to Experiment with Your Writing Routine

Experiment with your writing routine

1. Your Projects Require Different Styles

If you write in different genres or for different age groups, it may be beneficial to establish different writing routines for different projects. For example, if you are working on a picture book you might want to try writing in the children’s section of the library surrounded by bright colors, fun shapes, and maybe even some children who could be potential readers! If you are working on a murder mystery you might want to write at home so nobody sees your google search history. 😉

Even if you write one genre for one age group, different projects will create different moods and your writing routine may need to be adapted. Even if it’s something as simple as creating a different playlist or writing at a different time of day.

Consider experimenting with your writing routine if you are starting a new project and your routine suddenly seems less helpful than usual.

2. Your Circumstances Have Changed

You will face many circumstances that will alter your routine. As the seasons of your life change and you end old chapters to start new ones, don’t be afraid to experiment with your writing routine.


One of the biggest indicators you may need to experiment with your writing routine is if the amount of time you have to write changes. If you have more time to write, you may want to create a more elaborate writing routine. If you have less time, you might benefit from a simpler routine.


If your income increases or you no longer need to budget certain expenses, you may want to invest in some items to improve your writing routine. This could be anything from a course to a writing program like Scrivener, or maybe some knick-knacks to display in your writing space.

If you incur new expenses or money is tight, please know that you do not ever need anything fancy to be a good writer. Pen and paper will suffice if that’s all you can work with. Far more important than what money can buy is the creative mind you possess and the determination you have to succeed.


New opportunities are always presenting themselves and they often bring changes that may affect your writing routine. The chance for a better job, or to adopt a child, or travel, etc. can all impact your writing routine. New opportunities are a great time to experiment with new writing routines.


If your writing space changes, your writing routine may need to change. A new desk or larger space may help you keep your stuff organized giving you more time to write as you spend less time cleaning up.

Or maybe you downsize, move in with in-laws, or move to a smaller more affordable dorm. You may need to adjust your writing routine to reflect your new writing space.


As your environment changes, your writing routine might also change. If you are used to writing around people and find yourself in an empty house you may want to turn some background noise on. If your normally empty house is now full of people, you might want to relocate to a more secluded area or buy some headphones.

If you live somewhere where the temperatures can change, you might alter your routine for different seasons. What you wear and what beverage you drink might be different in warm or cold climates.

3. You’ll Never Know Until You Try

Perhaps you built a writing routine that is working really well, but now you have learned new methods. Perhaps you have seen some new ideas you previously were not aware of or had never thought to try to incorporate. Don’t assume that just because your writing routine is working it is the best it can be.

Trying something new can only do you good. If it helps you write more efficiently, that’s a huge win. If it doesn’t you can easily go back to your old routine, but you’ll have the added knowledge that your current routine is working. Your curiosity will be satisfied.

I love trying new things because they either work out and I’m better off, or I know for a surety that I’m not missing out on anything because I gave it a chance.

One word of advice when trying some thing new: don’t give up right away. Give it a few writing sessions or up to a week before you make your final decision. Anything new is going to feel off at first because it isn’t what you are used to. So be sure to let the newness wear off and then decide if it really is a bad fit or not.

What changes do you want to make to your writing routine?

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