The Most Essential Characteristic of a Powerful Writer

//The Most Essential Characteristic of a Powerful Writer

The Most Essential Characteristic of a Powerful Writer

We all dream of becoming powerful, successful writers. It’s every writer’s dream to have their manuscript accepted for publication. But what does it really mean to be a powerful writer? Are we powerful writers only if we’ve been published?

The Most Essential Characteristic of a Powerful Writer

The Most Essential Characteristic of a Powerful Writer www.getwritingdone.com


What a Powerful Writer Isn’t

Through my studies at school and my own pursuits, I’ve learned a lot about what it means to be a writer. I used to think a writer was someone who naturally had a way with words. Someone who could express the very essence of any topic in a deep and meaningful way.

As a kid, I would read books with words crafted in a way that made me feel deeply or made me think really hard. I was amazed that people could combine a mere twenty-six letters in ways that evoked such strong reactions.

To me, this was what it meant to be a powerful writer. This was the kind of writer I wanted to be. But I could never quite get my words to flow naturally and with ease. I often struggled to write one eloquent sentence. I’d write some really crappy words with just a hint of what I was trying to say. Then I’d need to revise and revise and revise to make it right.

I turned in countless papers for school that I had worked hard on. Yet these papers didn’t seem to hold up to the standard of what I thought a writer should sound like. I’d get good grades, most of the time. Sometimes I wouldn’t.

Or I’d write something, decide it was junk, and abandon it. I started countless stories as a kid but never thought they were worth finishing.

I loved writing and always came crawling back to it, but I constantly wondered if I was really a writer. Or was I just kidding myself?

What a Powerful Writer Is

I wasn’t kidding myself! I’ve learned to believe in myself as a writer. All it takes to be a powerful writer is to believe that you are one!

By the time I graduated from college, I had some defining moments that taught me what it really takes to be a writer. I took some classes that challenged me and stretched my abilities as a writer. I came to realize that my writing was improving over time. My college writing was much better than anything I’d written in high school. And my last semester of college, I took a class that transformed me as a writer. By the end of that one class I was a much better writer than when I had started. And in ten years, I will be a better writer than I am today.

I’ve realized that my ability to improve over time, my passion for writing, and my inability to stop writing are what make me a writer. I am a writer because I want to be. This realization has caused me to believe in myself as a writer. And ever since I’ve believed that I am a writer, I’ve felt like one.

What makes you a writer?

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