3 Creative Outlets to Fuel Your Creativity

//3 Creative Outlets to Fuel Your Creativity

3 Creative Outlets to Fuel Your Creativity

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I just LOVE being creative! I love to create. The idea that I can bring something into existence that wasn’t there before fascinates me.

Writing is my main creative outlet, but I need other ways to express my creativity. Or sometimes I need other creative outlets as a warm-up to spark creativity in my writing. The more ways I have to be creative, the happier I am. Do you feel the same way?

If writing isn’t enough to satiate your need to be creative, or if you need creative outlets to prepare you to write, these may come in handy.

3 Creative Outlets to Fuel Your Creativity

3 Creative Outlets to Fuel Your Creativity www.thewritigpal.com

Magnetic Poetry Kit

magnetic poetry www.getwritingdone.com

I’ve only had these for a week or so, but I absolutely love them.  They have an original kit that comes with over 300 words. They also have supplemental kits that come with over 200 words. I have the Happiness kit, but there are tons of different options.With additional kits sold in themes like Cowboy, Garden, Haiku, The Mountains, and Unicorn Lover—just to name a few—what’s not to love? I will definitely be buying more. Either the original or the Sloth Lover. Haven’t quite decide yet. 😉 Having my magnets visible in my writing space and creating sentences fills me with inspiration. They are great when I need a break from writing but still want to be creative with words. They are seriously addicting! They are also a great way to encourage kids to be creative with words.

The magnets are good quality. I like their size and durability. They did get my fingers black when I broke them apart, but it immediately came off when I washed my hands. When breaking the sheets I worried they’d bend permanently since they are not large magnets. But as long as I bent where they tore before actually tearing them, they were fine. The magnets are nice and sturdy. They are easy to take off my whiteboard, but don’t feel like they’re going to fall off on their own.

Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal www.getwritingdone.com

I bought Wreck This Journal a while ago and love the creativity that it inspires. Its pages are full of random, unique, and spontaneous ways to “wreck” the journal. Each page has instructions such as “Collect fruit stickers” or “Bring this book in the shower with you” or “Write with the pen in your mouth.” This is a perfect creative outlet for adults and kids. I love how it is full of appropriate ways to be destructive. No matter our age, we all need permission to be reckless every now and then.  I love how it makes me think outside the box. It’s also a really good creative outlet for a perfectionist because there is no right or wrong way. The book says that instructions are open to interpretation and that it’s best to work against your better judgement. It’s a great book to trigger creativity.

The book is a good size but the pages could be a bit thicker if you don’t want anything like marker to bleed through. This doesn’t bother me, but anything thick will definitely bleed through. The quality of the paper is good though. And I like the fonts and design of the pages. It is fun yet simple, leaving a lot of room for you to complete the given task. Wreck This Journal is a great boredom buster and creative outlet for all ages.

Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Book www.thewritigpal.com

There are so many adult coloring books that can be a great way to keep the right brain active if you need to get those creative juices flowing. Some are full of intricate patterns and designs to color. Others actually use mostly pictures (but also words) to tell a story. If you like the coloring books where each page is a different pattern, there are tons of options. If you want to color something more than kaleidoscope-like patterns, The Time Garden is a good choice.

I have The Time Garden and love the beautiful illustrations. Many coloring books are printed on thin paper that isn’t poor quality, but isn’t the best either. Since The Time Garden is a story and a coloring book it does a good job resembling both. There are just enough words to set up and end the story without interrupting the elegant coloring pages. Mine came with a dust jacket, and the paper quality is perfect for coloring. The paper is also thick and sturdy like that of a published book. The quality of this coloring book is better than most coloring books.

When you are not writing, how do you stay creative?


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