How to Create a Mantra that Inspires You to Write

//How to Create a Mantra that Inspires You to Write

How to Create a Mantra that Inspires You to Write

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Do you have a phrase that encourages you to keep going when writing is hard?  If you don’t have one, let’s create one today! If you do, keep reading because I want you to make sure your mantra is the best it can be!

Have you ever heard a song that became your anthem, your jam, your life’s theme song? A song that touched you in a way you rarely feel touched. A song that you connected with on a very deep, emotional, and personal level. When I first heard This is Me from The Greatest Showman, I was changed. I want to be me, despite who others are becoming. Despite who others think I should be. I am me. And I want to love myself for who I am. I love the idea that I am who I am meant to be. I felt like I could relate to this song as a person, and as a writer. We are also touched by speeches, podcasts, and quotes.

Writers know better than many that there is power in language. Words can make us feel, act, and achieve. So why don’t we take better advantage of words that inspire us? If you are struggling to write or revise creating a mantra that inspires you might be the perfect solution.

How to Create a Mantra that Inspires You to Write

Create a Mantra that Inspires You to Write

Why You Need a Mantra

A mantra will motivate you and that come in handy throughout the writing process. I used to think my mantra was there for me when days were tough, to remind me to keep going. But I’ve come to realize having a mantra is so much more. It definitely helps me on those harder days, but it also keeps me steadily motivated. Seeing my mantra and saying it on a daily basis, helps me to not fall into those slumps where I’m unmotivated to write.

My mantra reminds me that I can keep going. I can solve whatever issue I face with my writing. Your mantra may do the same. Or maybe it will remind you why you write. Or it will help you remember what you want to accomplish. Having a mantra that helps you remember any of these things will keep you motivated and help you survive the days when you don’t feel as motivated.

How to Create Your Mantra

Step 1: Create a Mantra that You Believe

Your writer’s mantra can be just about anything you want it to be. But you will want to make sure you create a mantra that you believe is true. You won’t feel very encouraged if you’re lying to yourself every time you say your writer’s mantra. “I’m the BEST Writer in the world” might not be a good mantra. But “Somebody needs my writing” might be the perfect mantra. Keep it simple, and make sure it is something you believe. As you begin to believe in yourself more and more, you can always create a mantra that reflects your increased belief in yourself and your writing abilities.

Step 2: Create a Mantra that has Positive Connotations

Your mantra will not help you if any words make you feel negative in any way. Even if the overall idea helps you, if the words are not carefully chosen, your mantra will fall short of it’s full potential. The mantra “Do better” may cause more overwhelm than inspiration. How are you going to do better? What does doing better look like? If you like this kind of mantra, go for it. But odds are a mantra with a little more love will be more inspiring.

Try, try, try again” might be a better mantra. It evokes idea that you can try over and over and over again. And that can give you the courage and motivation to keep writing until you get it right. Yet to some, this mantra might sound tiring. So there is no right or wrong word choice, but you need to create a mantra with words that inspire you. Avoid words that have any negative association.

My personal mantra is “embrace solutions.” As a writer, one of my biggest weakness is feeling frustrated or quitting when I feel like I don’t know something. When I slow down and remind myself to embrace solutions, I think about my problem in new ways. I am more willing to work toward my goals even with the ups and downs. Because that is part of embracing the solution.

And the wording of my mantra is positive and encouraging. My mantra is not “fix problems.” The word “fix” makes me think hard work is going to be involved and I feel exhausted. The word “problems” is negative and fills me with a sense of dread. The word “embrace” is encouraging and reminds me of a hug. “Solutions” is positive and makes me feel hope that my problems can be solved. I’m not focusing on the problem. I’m focusing on the end result of finding a solution.

Step 3: Ask yourself a Few Questions

I think the best way to create your writer’s mantra is to think about what writing really means to you. Why am I a writer? What kind of writer do I want to be? What writing goals do I want to achieve? What do I want my mantra to help me feel? What do I want my mantra to help me overcome? What words make me feel happy and confident? What words fill me with fear or dread?

If you have the time, sit down and write your mantra right now! If not, save this post to Pinterest so you can write your mantra later.

Places to Display Your Inspiring Mantra

  • Get a window marker and write it on your mirror
  • Put a sticky note on your computer or notebook
  • Write it in your planner
  • Stick it on your fridge
  • Keep it somewhere in your car

A Few Mantras to Consider

  1. Keep Calm and Write On
  2. Start Small
  3. Dream Big
  4. I am ______. I am a writer. (I am passionate. I am a writer) (I am creative. I am a writer. etc.)
  5. I am better today than I was yesterday
  6. Be bigger and braver
  7. I tried today
  8. I can learn anything
  9. I have time
  10. I’m writing for somebody, not everybody
  11. One word at a time
  12. Revision is real

Feel free to use one of these mantras or create your own. Share your mantra in the comments below! I’d love to see what you came up with!

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