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Hello, writer friend!

My name is Shelby Bunker. I am a writer who finds time to write while juggling a busy schedule.

I’m mom to two adorable boys and wife to an amazing husband. I spend a lot of my time with family. I am also interested in other hobbies. I enjoy baking, running, photography, sewing, and doing puzzles. With so many aspects of life demanding my attention it can be easy to put my writing life on hold.

After years of struggling to write consistently, I’ve learned a few things.  I know how to stay motivated. I make progress towards my writing goals. I have built a writing routine and a writing life that I am satisfied with.

And I want to help you do the same!

My Promise

My goal is to help you form habits that will allow you to create your best writing lifestyle. Get Writing Done was created to help writers from all walks of life actually get writing done. I write about time-management, motivation, and writing resources to help writers balance their writing lives and their personal lives. I believe that anyone living any lifestyle can be a successful writer. That includes you!

A writer must improve themselves before they can improve their writing. For this reason, I focus on motivation and building a successful writing life, but I also want to help you hone your craft so you can write phenomenal stories. Get Writing Done also features useful articles on how to improve your writing craft.

The articles and resources I share at Get Writing Done will help you:

  • Improve yourself as a writer
  • Find time to write
  • Find motivation to write
  • Balance your writing life and your personal life
  • Create a writing lifestyle tailored to your specific needs and desires

I’m Here to Help!

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