5 Exciting Writing Prompts Designed to Improve Your WIP

//5 Exciting Writing Prompts Designed to Improve Your WIP

5 Exciting Writing Prompts Designed to Improve Your WIP

When we aren’t in the mood to write or work on our WIP, a writing prompt can be just the thing to keep us writing. I especially love ones that are applicable to my WIP.

A random writing prompt can be fun, and it can certainly help develop other writing skills. And sometimes writing prompts lead to story ideas. But I think a writing prompt that is specifically geared toward improving your WIP sometimes seem more relevant and a better use of time than other writing prompts.

So, today I’m going to share 5 writing prompts that can be used either way. You can use them with your WIP in mind, but you don’t have to. So if you are in between projects, these can be a fun way to keep writing and maybe they will trigger a new idea!

5 Exciting Writing Prompts Designed to Improve Your WIP

5 Exciting Writing Prompts Designed to Improve Your WIP www.getwritingdone.com

Act like an Expert on Something You Know Little About

Odds are, there is something in your WIP that you aren’t a complete expert on. For my current WIP, it’s farming.

Don’t worry about research just yet. This writing prompt can be a fun way to explore the concept and find explanations that don’t rely on strict facts.

If you really like this one, you could also act like a novice even if you are an expert. Maybe you are very familiar with the setting and events in your novel. But if your character isn’t, a writing prompt exploring something familiar to you through the eyes of someone who knows little about it would help you understand your character better.

And of course, if you aren’t working on a WIP or don’t’ want to do this prompt with your WIIP in mind, pick any topic in which you feel like you are an expert or novice.

Write about Something You Love as if You Hate it (and vice versa)

Your novel should include something that you love or hate. My main character is into writing, and, shocker I know, but so am I. 😉 My novel also includes flying on an airplane which is not something I enjoy. Because I have strong emotions towards these things, it’s easy for me to convey those emotions to the reader. My feelings aren’t half-baked and the reader will know they aren’t. I know how to describe the joy of clacking away on my computer or the anxiety of passing through security because I feel those emotions every time I write or fly.

So what’s the advantage of taking the opposite view? Why would I ever write as if I hate writing? Or as if I love flying? It will broaden your character’s perspective. If you think about it, nothing is so black and white. There are aspects of writing that are less enjoyable than others. There are some really cool things about flying.

So, a writing prompt where you write from the opposite view will help you give your character a more rounded perspective.

If you don’t want to do this with your WIP, pick anything that you love or hate to write about.

Make a Playlist for Your Character

Knowing what type of music your character listens to will aid your character development.  For this writing prompt, make a playlist for your character, and write about why each song is on the list. Did they hear it at a school dance? Did their mom always sing it to them?

It’s great to know what music they listen too, but it’s even better to know why it means something to them.

If you’re not working on your WIP, make a list of your own favorite songs and explore why they are important to you.

Write a Scene without Using Common Letters or Words

A good example of this kind of writing prompt is a beach scene, and if you don’t want to do this with your WIP, you can write about the beach. But here’s the catch. You can’t use the letters s, w or, b. And you can’t use the words ocean, sand, or waves.

If your novel takes place in a big city, maybe try not to use the letter c and don’t use the word skyscraper.

Now, these letters and words might make it into your final draft, and that’s okay. But doing a writing prompt where you can’t use them will help you push past the cliché and find new, original ways of describing a certain setting or scene.

Describe the Physical Appearance of Someone who Looks Like Your Character

Character descriptions can be so hard to write, especially if you’re a visual person. So find a visual for this writing prompt. Maybe your character looks like a cross between two of your favorite actors. Or maybe they could be the stunt double! Find pictures and write descriptions. Look through pictures of people on Facebook to find inspiration for your character’s physical description. It’s not creepy if they don’t know about it, right? 😉 Maybe they’ll even be flattered if they read your book and think, hey this character looks kinda like me!

If you want to do this prompt, but don’t want to do it with a WIP, write witty or flattering descriptions of friends and family and turn them into gifts for birthdays or holiday celebrations.

What do you think of these fun writing prompts?

Comment below and be sure to save to Pinterest so you can do these prompts again and again.

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