20+ Reasons Why I’m Not a Perfect Writer

//20+ Reasons Why I’m Not a Perfect Writer

20+ Reasons Why I’m Not a Perfect Writer

I’m not a perfect writer. And I don’t particularly want to be one. I don’t want to expect something of myself that isn’t realistic.

I don’t think my writing habits put me any where close to being the kind of writer others dream of being. I don’t write full time. I don’t have my dream office or home library. I don’t have a gorgeous view out my window.

And my writing is not always natural. It doesn’t always come easy.

But I’m okay with that. If writing were easy, where would the fun be? I don’t have to work very hard to blink. It’s pretty easy to do. But it doesn’t give me much satisfaction. Unless something is stuck in my eye. But typically, there is no sense of achievement because I didn’t have to work very hard. However, the effort and time and energy and tears and emotion I’ve put into my writing have made it so worthwhile. The reward, because it is not easy, is so much greater than if I were a perfect writer.

I’m an imperfect writer, and I’m not afraid to say it.

What about you?

20+ Reasons Why I’m not a Perfect Writer

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  1. My family will always come before my writing.
  2. I get writer’s block.
  3. Sometimes I don’t want to write.
  4. I can’t write a book in less than a year.
  5. Sometimes I don’t believe in myself.
  6. I don’t drink tea or coffee.
  7. I’m not published yet.
  8. My rough drafts are ROUGH.
  9. I don’t always know how to revise.
  10. I’m more than a writer. I’m a mother, wife, reader, photographer, runner, chef, zoo enthusiast, puzzle addict, amateur seamstress, and more.
  11. I don’t know everything about grammar.
  12. Sometimes I think I’m the worst writer in the world!
  13. I need to talk through my story ideas with someone.
  14. I’m not sure if I want to be published traditionally or be self-published.
  15. I don’t write every day.
  16. My writing space is simple and sometimes a big mess!
  17. I don’t want to be a prolific writer.
  18. Sometimes I want to give up.
  19. I’m a terrible speller.
  20. I need an editor.
  21. My writing feels unoriginal and cliché.
  22. I’m in no rush to get published.
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  1. Dee July 6, 2018 at 9:27 am - Reply

    This post has given me inspiration! I have been avoiding writing because it feels so HARD right now. After reading this, I am going to embrace all of my imperfectness and dive in because I know it will be extremely rewarding in the end. You have helped me remember that it’s okay that writing is hard and it’s okay that I’m a VERY imperfect writer. But I still love to write. Thanks for sharing the “real” you.

    • Shelby July 12, 2018 at 1:07 pm - Reply

      I’m glad it’s inspired you!

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